38TH SEASON, 2018-2019

Derwent Quiz League Roll of Honour

The links below will take you to the historical records of the league and to the season archives.

Current Division One Champions

Pocklington SC

Current Division Two Champions

Boot & Slipper

Current Harold Cooper Cup Holders

Dunnington Sports Club

Current Don Sterricker Plate Holders

Wenlock Arms

Current Brain of Derwent

Jim Gilpin (Dunnington Sports Club)


Highest Match Aggregate

111 points: Pocklington SC 54 Ferryboat Inn B 57, 2005/6 Season

Lowest Match Aggregate

25 points: Full Sutton POC 14 Three Cups B 11, 1988/9 Season

Highest Team score

65 points: Stone Trough, 1988/9 Season

Lowest Team Score

10 points: Plough Inn, 1988/9 Season
10 points: St Vincent B, 1988/9 Season
10 points: Bay Horse, Murton, 1988/9 Season

Highest Winning Margin

47 points: Gold Cup Wanderers 64 Boot & Slipper B 17, 2006/7 Season

Lowest Winning score

14 points: Full Sutton POC, 1988/9 Season

Highest Losing Score

54 points: Pocklington SC, 2005/6 Season
54 points: Black Bull, 2006/7 Season