38TH SEASON, 2018-2019

Don Sterriker Plate Knock-out Draw

Detailed match results appear at the bottom of this page.

Round 1
19th February
12th March
2nd April
  St Vincent B  
  v St Vincent B
  Toddy's Bar A  
Wenlock Arms
  v Wenlock Arms
Boot & Slipper Barbarians  
v Wenlock Arms  
Wenlock Arms

Plate Fixtures and Results

Round One, 19th February 2019

Boot & Slipper Barbarians 47 Wenlock Arms 50 (Wenlock Arms won with the 'B' questions)

Semi-Finals, 12th March 2019

Toddy's Bar A 20 St Vincent B 44 (St Vincent B won with the 'B' questions)
Station 33 Wenlock Arms 43 (Wenlock Arms won with the 'A' questions)

Final, 2nd April 2019

St Vincent B 41 Wenlock Arms 59 (Wenlock Arms won with the 'A' questions)